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Then when I landed on Ordinary Blog: Meghan Will you know, Crazy Bitch.

Your life will end up reading this.
Crazy Train
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I found Bonsai Story Generator (thanks, Generator Blog!). It takes coherent text and turns it into what I think sounds like a crazy nonsense dream. The idea is "to prune delicately at the words to create a story." I entered a selection of entries from my journal.

Ordinary Poem
To be found for help but in what would they keep popping up.
At least real worms are good Very good.
I had a most wondrous journey.
She was happy Then at junior college, I wore my iPod finally and DIE DEBRA DIE.
well, I was clumsy, so that it would be a good for the light blue cast or splint thing off so I could relax with as little debt as possible and when I can think that worse could be this morning.
That was a long day and not be found for awhile.
But a month later, who had moved Why are you sure I have been extra helpful to see her condition.
After the carpeted stairs at just the wrong It would do it was like going to school in another work-related diatribe, so that's why I didn't write that she heard that Mike told me like eight different bank so my poor arm along for a half years at UPS!
Let me explain, in their area and move more slowly.
Your life will end up reading this.
What? You want to read MORE of this drivel? Well, ok...Collapse )

Best. Line. Ever.
"Then when I landed on Ordinary Blog: Meghan Will you know, Crazy Bitch."

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